The expanded leadership rules elaborate on leadership and provide rules and guidelines for situations not elaborated in the leadership text.

Adding Followers and CohortsEdit

At any time you may make creatures into your cohort or followers, so long as they are willing, they fall within the level limit, and you have not yet reached your limit for number of cohorts or followers.

Making Followers and Cohorts WillingEdit

If the creatures in question are not already willing, there are several methods of making them willing.


If one wishes to use diplomacy, the creature's attitude must be shifted to helpful.


If you can rebuke certain types of creatures, and rebuke these creatures well enough to gain control of them, you may employ this method to earn followers. Nonintelligent creatures continue to be followers even if you relinquish control of them.

The DM may wish, in larger scaled games, to make even intelligent creatures remain followers even after relinquishing control. In this case this is less because you convinced them to join you, but rather because it makes your follower limit a bonus of sorts to the total HD limit of creatures controlled.

Spawn/Creating CreaturesEdit

If you, your cohort, or your followers have the ability to create spawn, and have special control over your spawn as a result of this, you may add the spawn to your followers. This can also be applied to creatures which aren't spawn, such as constructs crafted by you or your followers.

Wild EmpathyEdit

Similarly to diplomacy, the creature's attitude must be shifted to helpful.

Attracting FollowersEdit

In general cases, followers can be attracted simply by making it known that you are seeking them and have a good reason for them to follow, such as a shared cause.

In any area that is suitably populated with your desired followers, you can expect to attract up to 1/8th your limit of followers automatically each day, rounded down. Calculate separately for each level of followers you can attract. If your limit for that level is less than 8, you simply have a chance of that limit divided by eight to attract a follower of that level that day. (Example: if your limit for third level followers is 4, you have a 4 in 8 chance of attracting a follower, which is 50%.)

Other factors affect this limit, as described below:

Factor Rate Multiplier
Normal Population (eg. Fighters in a small town) x1
Low Population (eg. Fighters in a thorpe) x0.5
High Population (eg. Fighters in a Large Town/Metropolis) x2
Uncommon Class (eg. Wizards in a normal settlement) x0.5
NPC Class x2
Uncommon Race (eg. Kobolds in a human settlement) x0.5

As the relative availability of followers is hard to precisely gauge, such rates should be settled upon with the DM.